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C Jel P Gel Polish Cat Eye Gel Polish

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New Release Gel Polish Cat Eye Collection

This Bundle includes 10 brand new Cat Eye Gel polishes 15ml.

  • Asteroid 15ml
  • Bewitched 15ml
  • Cosmic Dust 15ml
  • Dark Matter 15ml
  • Enigma 15ml
  • Magma 15ml
  • Nebula 15ml
  • Plasma 15ml
  • Solar Flare 15ml
  • Tranquility 15ml
  • Plus A free, 5 in 1 Multifunctional magnetic tool worh £7.99

Cat Eye

For optimum results apply one coat of black hole and cure. Paint over your cat eye shade and using your magnet create your design. Hover the magnet over the nail to move around the pigments. Once happy cure and finish with any CJP Top coat.

C Jel P is a pure gel which provides 3 weeks plus wear offering strong pigmented colour coverage every time. C Jel P soaks off easily. Please see FAQ for a in depth description and trouble shooting.

Apply in thin coats. LED 30-60/UV 2 mins. Please refer to directions for use for full instructions.

  • Vegan Friendly.
  • Made in the UK
  • HEMA Free
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