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E-File The Whizzer

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The Whizzer CJP E-File New and Improved

This product is for professionals who have the correct qualifications to use the products only. This product is not to be used by children. Our E-file like the rest of our products has been vigorously tested and we are sure you will enjoy using The Whizzer.


  • 35k Brushless E-file
  • Quiet Operation
  • Ultra-smooth & Vibration Free
  • Portable & Light Weight
  • 2600mah Capacity Li-lon Battery
  • Battery Overheat Protection
  •  Overload Protection Twist Lock System

Packing List

  • Nail Drill (x1)
  • AC Adaptor (DC24V 1A) (x1)
  • User Manual (x1)
  • Drill Case (x1) Handpiece Holder (x1)
  • Drill Stand (x1)

6 pcs Nail Drill Bit

Coarse Ceramic Bit. Remove Acrylic/Hard Gel Remove Thick Calluses On Sidewalls. Brush For Dusting Off Finished Enhancements. Mandrel & Sanding Bands – Surface Work & Gel Polish Removal. Remove Calluses, Easily Reach Small & Tight Areas - Please note this is a free basic set of bits to get you started, Please see our individual drill bits for our custom made CP bits. 

NB - drill bits may vary

Electric Filing

Choosing to use an electric file can not only speed up your appointment times, it can also prevent wear and tear on your joints/shoulder due to repetitive strain. Ensure you select the correct bits depending on your training and skill level.

CJP strongly recommend using a CJP Clean Air dust and fume extraction system alongside, “The Whizzer”. This will give you and your clients the greatest protection from harmful dust and debris. Another option is to use an adequate face mask or covering to prevent dust inhalation. Dust caps should be used on all bits and burs. This can help prevent dust build up inside the components of the handpiece.

Control Unit

Make sure the dial is turned down to 0 before switching modes or turning on. Please be aware when using chemicals or neat acetone near this equipment the plastic components can be marked or dissolved by them. Always use the correct charger that is provided with the machine unit. Leaving the battery dead for extended periods of time can shorten the battery life. Allow the battery to fully charge and deplete once every month. The battery in this device is Lithium. Do Not expose to high or extreme temperatures when in use or stored away.

Hand Piece

Any kind of moisture or liquid can severely damage the handpiece. If moisture or liquids enter the handpiece it can cause rust and corrosion to the internal components and render the handpiece inoperable. The handpiece should be disinfected by using pure alcohol wipes only. Do not lift handpiece by the power cable. Remove dust with a soft brush as dust can collect and settle in cracks and crevasses. Do not use bent or unbalanced, wet bits/burs. Always turn the handpiece off whilst not in use.

1 Year UK Waranty. 

Waranty starts from the day of purchase.

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